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WTF Is The Law Of Attraction and does it work?

the law of attraction money

The Supposed Law Of Attraction

This picture really says what I think when I think about the so called “law of attraction“. Some hot chick thinking of money and she gets it right? Isn’t that how the law is supposed to work? I just think it and I get it. Apparently that is not how it works or we would all be driving Lambo’s and dressed like pimps.

The movie “The Secret” really made a lot of us believe that is how it works. Clearly they were leaving out a few elements. I swear I tried winning the lottery many times since that movie. “I want my money back Secret!!”. Now, if I wasn’t an intelligent human being, this is exactly what I would be thinking. Scam, doesn’t work, back to the shit show right!

Let’s think about this deeper for a minute. If you have half a brain at all and actually look into things, you know that 95% of the world is “average” and make and average income. So what do the 5% know that we don’t. How do they think vs how we think? Do they buy into this law of attraction crap? There is a reason they have all the money, now what is it?

According to Napoleon Hills Book “Think And Grow Rich“, the richest people in the world do in fact believe in a law of attraction based belief. He interviewed 500 of the worlds richest people in the world. Andrew Carnegie assisted him in getting these interviews. Now, should we call the richest people in the world crazy? They do have all the money.

So what are we missing then? Why don’t thoughts just become things? Well, we might be in trouble if it did work that easily. We just assume that having heard that thoughts become things means that it happens right away. Although it is said to be possible, we don’t always know how long those “things” will take to manifest. Being an impatient society, we want everything now. Just because you don’t get something “now”, doesn’t mean that you in fact did not start its manifestation.

So what would control or influence the speed of something? Well, according to Bob Proctor (Law of Attraction Guru and world teacher), your vibration is the most important key. Scientists have taught for some time that everything in this universe is energy. The rate at which that energy vibrates makes it what it is. Most things in life has a set or genetic vibration. A rock is what it is unless another vibration influences it. Humans are a rare bird though. We can change our vibration by mere thought. Generally these thoughts have to be somewhat powerful to cause a change in vibration. So if you do not “feel” what you are thinking about, then you are not likely to change your vibration and thus attract that thought. Wow, that was really nerdy right there. If you can read that a few times, it will start to make sense why we don’t always attract what we think about and yet, sometime we do. You must have passion and drive behind a thought to make it so. No passion, no change in vibration. this explains why some people and simply will something into existence. They want it BAD! They are passionate about it. Earl Nightingale once quoted “No one shall stand in the way of a man with the passion to make it so.” When you have that deep down drive and focus for something, you are creating the elements around you to achieve it. I have seen this in ever walk of life.

Why am I babbling on about attraction and vibration? Well, it is an interesting subject and if you truly understand it, then your life can change forever. Use your head and think about some of this. Visit places like The secret law of attraction Facebook and other knowledgable sites to learn more. Don’t fall into the 95% category, be a 5%er. Live life and live it full.

I found a short video I wanted to include as it was relevant to this subject: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0t7NmnIUmZg

Top 5 Tips to Improve Your Search Engine Rankings


Everyone wants to rank better in Google, but few people know how to do it.  Well in this post I will give you my top 5 tips to improve your search engine rankings.  The subject of search engine optimization is complex and is usually based on more theory then fact.  The reason for this is Google does not divulge exactly what their search algorithm is, therefore nobody really knows.  Sure, there are experts out there that speculate on how they choose who ranks #1, but the truth is nobody knows for sure except people on the inside.  If you use the internet as much as I do you start to notice what works and what doesn’t.


Top 5 Tips to Improve Your Search Engine Rankings

picture of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and search engine rankings

1. Write for Humans Not Robots

A lot of websites out there will just throw up junk keyword stuffed blogs and attempt to rank on the first page.  This strategy worked well in the 90’s during the early days of the World Wide Web, but the artificial intelligence has gotten smarter.  If you write junk blogs you will have high bounce rates and other issues that will show to the search gods that your content sucks.  The trick is to put out less content, but put out better content that is well written and specific to your niche.  This means you will actually have to put in effort and write posts people will want to read.  If your not a good writer I highly suggest either learning to write good by taking classes, or hiring out content writers with sites like Elance and others.  You can even buy niche related well written content from people on the web.


2. Keyword Research is Critical

I have found over the years the keywords you think are the best for your website may not be the words people actually search.  This is why it is important to do keyword research prior to starting your website and adding content.  Google makes a great tool for this called Keyword Research Tool and AdWords.  This will allow you to see what the most popular search terms are and position your site correctly.  Remember, short phrases might not be possible to rank for because the competition may be too high.  This means you should find “long tail” keyphrases that have less competition and will convert better.  For instance, if someone is searching “Paleo Diet” they might be just researching the diet and not interested in buying anything.  If someone is searching “Buy Paleo Diet Instructional DVD” they are most likely more interested in buying.  This might also be a less competitive term so you win both ways.  This will allow you to rank for this keyword easier than the shorter version.


3. Fill Out Your Google Business Listing

This seems simple, but Google has changed their Google+ area so many times that it can be confusing.  The best way to do this is to make a Gmail account, then Google+, then Google Page.  Once you find the area to set up a business listing then add your photo, address, phone number, pictures, and hours of operation.  If your a local company and have a physical address this will allow you to be listed on the map when people search in your area.  If the competition for your niche is low you may also appear locally in the Google 7 Pack listings.  This will also enable customers to leave reviews about your product and service.  There are techniques you can use to get your listing to #1 in the google pack but those are too complicated to explain in this blog.  If you interested in having this done you could hire one of the best Portland seo services and they will add citations for you.  The general rule of thumb is the more citations you have, the better you will rank in the listings.


4.  Become an Expert in Your Niche

The internet is all about niches, which is different then how you would position yourself in a small town.  In a small community you would create a store that’s more general and caters to many different niches.  If you tried to be very specific in your niche you might only have a few people in the town interested in your products.  If you did a general store catering to many different preferences then you probably will have a bigger customers base.  The internet is more like a really big city.  Since the internet is world wide people go there and expect to find their exact interest represented.  The big companies like Amazon, Ebay, and Overstock have already taken over the general market.  If you want to slice of the pie then you must get specific and carve our your own niche.  These niches can be found in areas the giants too big to care about.  For instance, I like the health food segment because it’s a growing market and a lot of the big companies haven’t focused in on it yet.  What ever you do the most important thing is to become an expert and bring value to you customers.


5. Use Photos and Videos to Rank

More and more photos and videos are playing a larger roll in the world wide web.  Some people are just plain too lazy to read a long blog and instead prefer to watch a video so they can just watch and listen.  This is why I love to make videos that explain a subject like a blog post but instead it’s spoken word.  I know for me personally when I get home at the end of the day I prefer to go into a vegetative state and watch videos.  The other factor to consider is internet speeds are getting quicker and in the future video will play a larger roll.  The key to using video and photos to rank your webpage is to tag them correctly.  I prefer to tag my photos before I upload them because studies show the Google spider is crawling this information for text also.  I deploy the same strategy for videos by naming and tagging them before I upload them on to YouTube or Vimeo.

That’s my list of the top 5 tips to improve your search engine optimization and beat your competition.  If you interested in more advice keep reading this blog as I may give away another marketing secret soon.  You can also follow the Portland SEO Twitter for daily tips for smart webmasters.  If this blog seemed too complicated for you it’s probably best for you to search out a qualified and professional SEO company in your area.



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