Colorful sunset over the sea
This was a site long ago meant to be a myspace site that I decided to can and use as my personal blog. It just made sense to me. So if the site name is confusing, that is why 🙂

I really just use this to blog and talk about things I am personally interested in that may help others as well. No real difference from so many other people.

I really like internet marketing, which includes: Seo (search engine optimization), Web design (even though mine isn’t that great just yet), Law of attraction, Fitness, Health, and a host of other things.

My mind kind of jumps from one thing to another. Not to mention I enjoy reviewing things that I like. Not really into negativity so you won’t see me post and blast other things as I would appreciate the same.

I suppose I shouldn’t leave out that I really enjoy gaming as well. I am so busy these days that it isn’t much of an option, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t enjoy the occasional halo3 splurge, or MW3!

But that is really about it for now. Feel free to say hello in the contact box or post on any of my blogs. Please try and keep things on a positive note and I’ll do my best to keep the spam off of there as well.